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Zetian Mi
(734) 764-3963 2405 EECS1301 Beal AvenueAnn Arbor, MI 48109-2122


Research Interests

Semiconductor nanostructures, including quantum dots, nanowires, and two-dimensional atomic crystals

III-nitride materials and optoelectronic devices

Light emitting diodes, lasers, and Si photonics

Artificial photosynthesis, solar fuels, and solar cells

III-nitride and diamond based electronic devices

Selected Recent Publications

  1. A Pandey, J Gim, R Hovden, Z Mi, An AlGaN tunnel junction light emitting diode operating at 255 nm, Applied Physics Letters 117 (24), 241101, 2020.
  2. P Wang, DA Laleyan, A Pandey, Y Sun, Z Mi, Molecular beam epitaxy and characterization of wurtzite ScxAl1−xN, Applied Physics Letters 116 (15), 151903, 2020. 
  3. P. Wang, A. Pandey, J. Gim, W. J. Shin, E. T. Reid, D. A. Laleyan, Y. Sun, D. Zhang, Z. Liu, Z. Zhong, R. Hovden, Z. Mi, Graphene-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of AlN for AlGaN deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, Applied Physics Letters 116 (17), 171905, 2020.
  4. B. Zhou, P. Ou, N. Pant, S. Cheng, S. Vanka, S. Chu, R. T. Rashid, G. Botton, J. Song, and Z. Mi, Highly efficient binary copper−iron catalyst for photoelectrochemical carbon dioxide reduction toward methane, PNAS, 117 (3) 1330-1338, 2020.
  5. Y. H. Ra, R. T. Rashid, X. H. Liu, S. Sadaf, K. Mashooq, and Z. Mi, An Electrically Pumped Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Green Laser, Science Advances vol. 6, eaav7523, 2020.
  6. Y. Wu, X. Liu, P. Wang, D. A. Laleyan, K. Sun, Y. Sun, C. Ahn, M. Kira, E. Kioupakis, and Z. Mi, Monolayer GaN excitonic deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes, Applied Physics Letters 116 (1), 013101, 2020.
  7. D. A. Laleyan, N. Fernández-Delgado, E. T. Reid, P. Wang, A. Pandey, G. A. Botton, Z. Mi, Strain-free ultrathin AlN epilayers grown directly on sapphire by high-temperature molecular beam epitaxy, Applied Physics Letters 116 (15), 152102, 2020.
  8. B. Shan, S. Vanka, T.-T. Li, L. Troian-Gautier, M. K. Brennaman, Z. Mi, and T. J. Meyer, “Binary molecular-semiconductor p–n junctions for photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction,” Nature Energy, vol. 4, 290, 2019.
  9. Y. Sun, W. Shin, D. A. Laleyan, P. Wang, A. Pandey, X. Liu, Y. Wu, M. Soltani, and Z. Mi, “Ultra-high Q Microring Resonators on Single Crystal Aluminum Nitride on Sapphire Platform,” Opt. Lett., 44, 5679, 2019.
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  12. Mingxin Liu, Yichen Wang, Xianghua Kong, Roksana T Rashid, Sheng Chu, Chen-Chen Li, Zoë Hearne, Hong Guo, Zetian Mi, Chao-Jun Li, Direct catalytic methanol-to-ethanol photo-conversion via methyl carbene, Chem 5 (4), 858-867, 2019.
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  17. X. Guan, F. A. Chowdhury, Y. Wang, N. Pant, S. Vanka, M. L. Trudeau, L. Guo, L. Vayssieres, and Z. Mi, “Making of an industry-friendly artificial photosynthesis device,” ACS Energy Lett., vol. 3, 2230, 2018.  
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